MD Golf Lob Wedges

MD Golf Norman Drew Lob Wedge

Norman Drew Lob Wedge

The first question on your lips might be Norman who? Well donít ask who, but how good are they? MD Golf teamed up with Norman Drew to produce the Norman Drew wedges. Norman Drew played in the Ryder cup in 1959 and started his association with MD Golf in 2007.

MD Golf Seve Grind Lob Wedge

Seve Grind Lob Wedge

The Seve Grind Lob Wedge has the same shape as the MD Superstrong with reduced Heel and Toe area. The story goes that Seve noticed that many leading players (including him), would visit the Tour Van to have the same area on the wedge ground off to improve feel.

MD Golf Seve Continuous Bounce Lob Wedge

Seve Continuous Bounce Lob Wedge

The Continuous Bounce Lob Wedge was developed to help amateur golfers hit better pitching and approach shots in and around the green. This wedge would certainly suit the higher handicapper and has a number of features aimed at this.

Seve Icon Pedrena Wedge

Seve Icon Wedges Pedrena & San Roque

Another one of the wedges in the Seve Icon range is the Pedrena Lob Wedge. The Lob Wedge is named after his hometown where Seve originally perfected his short game