Lob Wedge Guides

History of the Lob Wedge

The History of the Lob Wedge

Up to 1931 the only wedge golfers had in their bag was something called a “Jigger”, which was similar to a current day pitching wedge, the Lob Wedge as we know it was completely unheard of.....

How to Hit a Lob Wedge

How to Hit a Lob Wedge

Quite simply, the “Lob Wedge” is the most lofted club you would have in your Golf Bag. It is particularly useful for hitting high shots over hazards such as bunkers (especially around the green) and of course the dreaded water hazards.....

The Four Different Wedges

The Four Different Wedges

The following gives you a brief on where each of the different wedges fits in with your golfing requirements. Over time, golf professionals began to realize that most of the strokes in Golf are within 100 yards of the hole.....

How to play The Wet Bunker Shot

How to play the Wet Bunker Shot

The Dreaded wet Bunker shot is something that sends shivers up the spine of most beginner golfers (and some experienced ones too!). The way you approach this shot ultimately determines your success.